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Tonya Ingram & Venessa Marco perform “Khaleesi”

"when we lend our thoughts to breath
we know often
we are speaking the words that will kill us “


Inspired by this whackness I have decided to make myself a giant fuckin’ sandwhich and stuff my face with it the next day at work

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Society may be terrible but know what legal rights you do have. 

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Source: lorax-justice

If you have reported a sexual violence case to the MSU administration and they mistreated you and violated Title IX or the Clery Act please contact me if you feel safe/comfortable doing so.

I can hook you up with some folks who are planning on filing a joint complaint. 


New Swiffer add depicting Rosie the Riveter holding a mop.

Offended because they are turning an icon about women in the workforce and making her look like the stereotypical homemaker. 

Offended when people criticize the add because people who say they are mad because she “looks like a maid" are classist as shit


'Madness' Surrounding Michigan State Basketball

Usually after the Expel Rapists pic goes through a round of heavy reblogging, I get a ton of new followers.

For anyone who just tuned in and wants more information about the assault this is a link to a Huffington Post article. 


MRA wears fedora inside and ruins Star Trek movie for everyone 


Didn't republicans learn ANYTHING from the Todd Akin Senate race??

Celeste Greig, president of California Republican Assembly, the state’s oldest and largest GOP volunteer organization told The Bay Area News Group this week that pregnancies resulting from rape are rare “because it’s an act of violence, because the body is traumatized.”

Come ON people, youre making me sick to my tummy.

  • Question: I agree with you about the Palin thing, but I myself am guilty of making fun of her too....I never thought about it the way you just posted, so I am going to reevaluate! I make fun of all republicans mostly though...but she has been a go to punchline from time to time. - primordial-rectitude
  • Answer:

    Yeah, I mean I make fun of conservative Republicans on the daily but lately I have been thinking a lot about why Sarah Palin is the laughing stock of the country when she’s been out of the news in ages and countless dudes say the same problematic and ignorant shit on the news all god damn day but don’t get the same level criticism. Is it a difference in what they are saying/how they are saying is… or is it that we already assume women are stupid and dont take them as seriously so its easier for us to make her a punch line?

    (Also, I’m not saying she isnt wrong about most things because she is.)